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22September 2nd semi-final JSF 2014
Monday, 22 September 2014 10:24

jsf 2014

Junior Song Festival semi final 2 was held and we have the rest of the qualifiers for the final. First up Sebastiaan performed '2ogether we are one', a catchy tune with an interesting act quite similar to Luara's (Armenia 2009). The song doesn't show off his singing skill much which may have hurt his chances. 2nd to perform were Anne & Anique with their song 'Dromen'. While it's a rather good song, it didn't quite work on stage, being slightly awkward (however it's my personal favourite so if they win, I shall be cheering!). Third Beau performed 'De Wind', a ballad with the most profound lyrics of the night. She was cute and sang nicely but the song was a bit too dulll to make it through, though it received a surprising 10 points from the televoting (Dutch televoting seems to be liking ballads this year). Finally Julia performed 'Around' and the fan favourite didn't disappoint, the live performance brings the song more to life than the studio version does. Julia received maximum points and Sebastiaan was the 2nd qualifier, one point ahead of Anne and Anique.

The wildcard voting gave us Anne and Anique as the winner, meaning the lineup for the final is:


  • Suze - Holiday
  • Chelsea - Waarom
  • Julia - Around
  • Sebastiaan - 2gether We Are One
  • Anne & Anique - Dromen


Suze and Julia won the semi finals so they are likely winners, however we have four similar upbeat songs and one ballad, so Chelsea may come out on top. Either way, good luck to all six kids! Remember you can see the lyrics for all 8 songs + English translations on the link to the right, thanks to Luc and Lotte from our forum.

19September Ula for Slovenia!
Friday, 19 September 2014 07:02

ula lozar

Ula Ložar has been chosen to represent Slovenia in their debut in the Junior Eurovision Song Contest!

She is 12 years old from Ljubljana and has been taking singing lessons with Marjetka Vovk since she was 7. She also plays the piano and has taken part in many festivals in Europe. She finished 2nd in the Slovenian Elementary singing contest Korajza velja and 4th in the Europop competition in Hungary. In 2015 she's going to participate in the Tra La La festival in Bitola. Ula is like any teenager in that she has many hobbies - like crochet, knitting and painting, a very artistic girl. She also likes to cook.

Here she is singing: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lzM-HkSMIXw

18September San Marino is in for 2014!
Thursday, 18 September 2014 15:06

michele perniola

Excellent news! Carlo Romeo (the general manager of San Marino RTV) has been photographed signing the papers for JESC 2014 - meaning that San Marino is the 15th country to confirm for 2014! They will likely choose internally and will announce their singer on September 29th. 15 countries makes this the biggest JESC since 2008. Funnily enougj, Russian is now the majority language in JESC (as Belarus is not singing in Russian this year and only Malta sings entirely in English). It's also likely that the San Marino singer will be from the same show that Federica, Michele & Vincenzo came from. Yay for San Marino!

16September JESC tickets on sale!
Tuesday, 16 September 2014 10:45

Hurry, everyone, the tickets have unexpectedly gone on sale! They cost 20 euros for the back, and 40 euros for the front. However the very front sections are reserved for friends, family, delegations and the local schools.


Here is the link: http://www.ooii.com.mt/Ticketing/Ticket.aspx?EventID=ca51a5ad-9463-49d7-8402-8daa9e3311f5

All you need to do is click on the link for 'Junior Eurovision, and you will be redirected to the page from where the tickets can be purchased. You will be able to select the area in which you would like to purchase the ticket and enter the amount of tickets you would like to purchase. The final step is to proceed to the Checkout, where the payment is done and then a confirmation e-mail together with the tickets are received in your mailbox.

Tickets for international visitors

A small number of tickets have been reserved for foreign visitors to Junior Eurovision in Malta. If you are travelling to Malta from abroad, and are unable to buy tickets in the open sale, you will be able to contact PBS at a later date to purchase tickets. However, please try to buy them in the open sale!

If you need additional assistance, please contact:

  • Phone: +356 21 420 234 (for overseas calls)
  • Freephone 800 74 117 (local only)
  • Email: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

15September Betty will sing for Armenia!
Monday, 15 September 2014 13:54

betty people of the sun

Congratulations must go to Elizabeh Danielyan (who goes by the name Betty) for winning the Armenian national final. She sings an upbeat, anthemic song called 'People of the Sun'. It really gets you dancing, especially the chant near the end, and has good chances to do better than Choco-Fabric did, if she puts in a strong performance in Malta. Monika Avenesyan performed Choco-Fabric to open the show, while 2010 winner Vlad Aruzumanyan performed in the interval act. Past Armenian Eurovision singers performed past JESC songs in what was one of the most enjoyable interval acts in a long time. And no surprise, Gohar Gasparyan (Armenian HoD and JESC 2011 host) hosted the show. When Betty was announced as the winner, it was an emotional moment with her visibly singing through her tears of happiness.

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