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23August Anna will represent Ukraine!
Sunday, 23 August 2015 10:47

anna trincher

Ukraine held their national final last night and congratulations must go to Anna Trincher who won with maximum points from jury and televoting! She attends Talant School in Kiev and is part of the Katapulta Creative Team. She participated in the 2nd season of The Voice Kids Ukraine and represented Ukraine in New Wave Junior. She has many covers online and also participated in the national final last year with 'Nebo Znaye'. Anna's song this year is called 'Pochny Z Sebe't and she is very much looking forward to the competition in Sofia!

Full results:

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23August Ruslan wins in Minsk!
Sunday, 23 August 2015 10:26

ruslan aslanov

Belarus has chosen their entrant for Junior Eurovision 2015 and the lucky winner is Ruslan Aslanov. His song 'Volshebstvo' received maximum points from both the jury and televoting in the national final, gaining over 5000 votes from those watching at home. These were the final results:

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21August Serbia is in!
Friday, 21 August 2015 02:14

emilija donin

Serbia has decided to enter the Junior Eurovision again this year, making 2015 their 8th entry (counting "Serbia and Montenegro" in 2005, although Filip was from Montenegro). They will be hoping to beat their record of 3rd place that Nevena and Sonja both brought them (2007, 2010). This brings us up to 15 countries so far, a great number! And Vlad has said that he hopes for even more!

21July Mini EMA to select Slovenia's entrant!
Tuesday, 21 July 2015 02:02

ula lozar

Last year Slovenia internally chose Ula Lozar to represent them in Malta. This year however, RTV Slo will hold a national selection in the form of a "Mini EMA"! Anyone can enter, they just need to send their entry to RTV Slo by midnight on August 31st 2015. A jury will choose six songs to compete in the Mini EMA. Three songs will be in each semi final, and the winner of each will compete in grand final to see who will go to Sofia. Sounds very exciting!

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21July Mika for Armenia!
Tuesday, 21 July 2015 01:56

mika varosyan

For the first time since their debut in 2007, Armenia has chosen their Junior Eurovision entrant via an internal selection. The lucky person selected is none other than Michael (Mika) Varosyan! He is 12 years old and has a big JESC history in Armenia. In 2012 he was part of the group Compass Band who won the national final and ended up going to Amsterdam, however Mika was too young to go. Then in 2013 he entered with the group "Happy Day" (which included 2014 singer Betty!), but they were beaten by Monika. Finally last year he entered with "Mankutyan Khorhurd" but as we know, Betty won. This year, who knows what his song will be, it will be exciting to find out!

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