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23March Ireland will debut in JESC 2015!
Monday, 23 March 2015 13:12

jesc 2015

To cheer us up on a Monday morning, here's some amazing news - Ireland will debut at the Junior Eurovision Song Contest 2015! With it's core team of Vlad, Kath & Luke, Junior Eurovision has gone from strength to strength lately, with many new countries joining since 2014.

I'm sure you want to know how it will work with Ireland. Well, the Irish language broadcaster TG4 will be entering, which means we will probably having an Irish language song in JESC for the first time ever!  In a TV entertainment series this autumn, TG4 will be selecting a singer or group of singers and an Irish language song to represent Ireland on the big stage in Europe. Applicants must be actively involved in the process of writing and composing the original Irish language song but can receive help from adults with experience in this field. A parent or legal guardian must fill out the application form. Auditions will be held at key venues throughout Ireland. They are now looking for applicants who wish to be selected to audition!

Apply here: http://www.tg4.ie/ie/programmes/junior-eurovision-2015.html
Watch their advert here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=C_71V9prJTs

20March Albania for a 2nd go!
Friday, 20 March 2015 08:14


It seems that Albania will be entering Junior Eurovision 2015 (see an advert for auditions here)! What is more, they will have a national final! It will be like a junior version of their Eurovision selection called "Festivali 52 i femijeve" which will be from the 19th-21st May. Auditions were on March 18th in Tirana. Let's hope Albania learned from their voting disaster in 2012 (don't let the kids vote for the winner!) and we wish Albania a warm welcome to JESC!

09February Slovenia is back!
Monday, 09 February 2015 03:23

ula lozar

Good news for JESC fans! It was unsure whether Slovenia would return to the competition after their disappointing placing last year, but luckily they are good sports and eager to promote this opportunity for their children as RTV Slovenija have released their 2015 program line-up and Junior Eurovision is included in this. Is Ula's little sister old enough to represent them yet?

How many countries are in so far? Well we've had official confirmation from Belarus, Bulgaria, Georgia, the Netherlands, San Marino, Slovenia and Sweden with Malta being "very likely". Here's to another big edition!

27January Bulgaria is the host of JESC 2015!
Tuesday, 27 January 2015 05:05

Krisia todorova

The General Directors of BNT and BNR (Vyara Ankova & Radoslav Yankulov) and the Director of the EBU (Ingrid Deltonr) have today met with Prime Minister Boyko Borisov to discuss the Junior Eurovision. Ms Ankova stated ""The most important topic standing before BNT is precisely the organization of children's Eurovision and I am glad that we got great support in this regard. I think this is a chance not only for BNT, it should be a national cause for Bulgaria. Hence, today I can say that Bulgaria and national television will be the host of this prestigious event." This means we will be going to Bulgaria for their very first Eurovision event!

As for the budget, it is not clear how much it will cost the organization of the final competition. But experts are convinced that in any case it would be a huge advertisement for Bulgaria. The initial budget will be set to 2 million euros, which is more than Malta spent (Malta spent 1.4 million: Source)

Slavi Trifonov and "Ku-Ku Band" will also be involved, and of course Krisia will perform.

(Source: http://eurovision.bnt.bg/bnt-poluchi-podkrepa-za-organisiraneto-na-jesc/)

17January The Top 10: Quirky Songs that Missed Out
Saturday, 17 January 2015 07:17


Sometimes in the Eurovision world, weird and wonderful is greatly appreciated. Sure, we all have our classic favourites, whether it be an upbeat number or a traditional love ballad, but we also love something "new"! Remember Bzikebi, who won JESC 2008? They were unique, and were justly rewarded for it. But did you ever wonder "what could have been"? Let's take a look at some quirky songs that never quite made it to JESC.

1. Mystery of Darkness – Familierock

This has to be the only gothic/metal song in a JESC national final. The sibling set wears their hair long and faces pale as they sing this goth rock song which is actually really catchy and probably would have scored quite well just because it’s memorable. Children can be scary too!

2. Star-Ty – Network

We have an outer space theme, metallic costumes, aqua face makeup, special effects from the 1980s and a song to match. It’s great! If you check out the Moldovan national final from 2010 you will actually find quite a number of gems, from folk to summer pop, and Natalie Turcan’s “Zbor” which can be described as creepy trance (and I love it).

3. Varya Strizhak – Labyrinth


This is a fun one. Varya first released a rather high-budget music video for her song which went viral in Russia and made extensive use of autotune. It also featured the most amazing costumes which didn’t make it to the national final to everyone’s disappointment! Sadly Youtube star did not turn into JESC star for Varya, but she’s still making those videos!

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