15 November 2010

Before they left for Minsk, Senna & Anna participated in Junior Sintfestival 2010 which is part of the celebrations for the Dutch Sinterklaas holiday. All the finalists from Junior Song Festival sang various Sinterklaas songs, here are Senna and Anna:

sonja releases english and russian

sonja skoricsonja skoric jescsonja skoric jesc

11 November 2010

Sonja Škorić from Serbia has joined Josefine and Anja in releasing an English version of her song (Čarobna noć). She has also made a Russian version to make her fans in Russia, Ukraine and Belarus happy! You can hear both versions of the song here.

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Nicole meets the PM

nicole azzopardi malta prime minister

11 November 2010

Tomorrow, the Maltese delegation will leave for Minsk! As part of her preparations, last Tuesday Nicole was invited by the Prime Minister of Malta, Dr Laurence Gonzi to Auberge De Castille.

They were greeted in a large and beautiful dining and later were escorted to join the PM in the Cabinet room (the place where members of parliament meet).

There The PM and Nicole discussed the song + performance. Nicole introduced all the team to the PM and presented him with a copy of the CD.

He was delighted to receive Nicole and her team and he showed them around his office and explained to Nicole that he is sure of the ability of the Maltese team, but also stressed that fortune plays an important role in this kind of activity.  He encouraged the girls to have fun as this is truly a unique experience that they will cherish for life.

Present for the meeting were Daniel d’Anastasi, Team Manager, Nicole’s parents, members of the department of information and Marc Calleja Bayliss from

Unfortunately Sarah could not make it as the Gozo Ferry boats were not working on schedule due to high winds hitting the islands.

Anja’s english version

9 November 2010

Anja Veterova from Macedonia today released the English version of her Junior Eurovision song “Magicna pesna (Eo Eo)” as part of her promotion in the lead up to JESC.
Eo, Eo
I have no magic lamp
Eo, Eo
I believe in fairytales
Eo, Eo
But I have a magic song
I’ll call it eo

Now we can understand the song even better, although the video was already very illustrative. Part of the lyrics talk of how she is seeing the Leaning Tower of Pisa from Paris.. artistic license?
In Italy I ate pizza
In Paris I saw Eiffel Tower
And the leaning tower of Pisa
It’s a great song, and could do very well in JESC with a good performance. See the English version with the video below!

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Nicole updates

knock knock boom boom

5 November 2010

nicole azzopardi presidentThe Junior Eurovision Song Contest 2010 is getting closer, only 15 days to go! All delegations are preparing to fly out to Minsk, finalising their acts and costumes. Nicole from Malta with her team and family were invited to the Presidents’ Residence in San Anton where they met the President of Malta. He spoke to Nicole about the Junior Eurovision and commended her on promoting the Maltese language to the world. The fact that the Maltese teams includes kids from Malta and Gozo is a true representation of Malta and for that he was pleased. The whole of Malta is behind Nicole and her team!

She also released studio mp3 versions of her JESC song along with many others on her website yesterday, you can listen to them at

For any Maltese readers, Nicole will be making the following TV appearances to promote her entry:

Tuesday – kalamita one TV
Thursday – 1205 PBS
Saturday 6 Nov –  Sibtek PBS 1.30-3pm, Iz-zona PbS 3.00pm, Sibtijiet flimkien One TV 3.30-4.30pm, Sa 6 Net TV 5-6pm, Arpeggi Net TV 8.45pm
Sunday 7 Nov – Hadd Ghalik PBS 10.15am,
Wednesday 10 Nov –  Malta l-lejla Net TV 6pm

Mariam’s video

29th October 2010

Mariam Kakhelishvili who is representing Georgia this year has released her music video, and it’s basically a Lady Gaga tribute. It features Bad Romance! It’s an explosion of noise and colour, listen to Mari Dari here:

sarlote’s video

20 October 2010

The long awaited videoclip from Latvia’s Sarlote Lenmane has finally been released. It’s very fun and suits the song perfectly. Latvia is definitely a contender in 2010 and perhaps for the first time ever in JESC.

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