Alina Eremia – “Played You”

alina eremia

Cast your mind back 10 years ago, to a cold winter and a lovely city called Hasselt. One decade ago, Belgium hosted the Junior Eurovision Song Contest 2005. In 5th place was Alina Eremia, representing Romania with her Wild Dances inspired song “Turai!”. As well as having some of the best costumes ever in JESC, she also had some powerful lungs on her.

She has done quite a lot since JESC. She is in a TV show called “Pariu cu viața” where she plays a character called Ioana. She’s also currently appearing on Te cunosc de undeva (Your Face Sounds Familiar). She is also a member of Lala band which is a 12-member pop-rock group which launched in 2011 and is very succesful with 150+ hours of live performances under their belt and five studio albums (including the best selling album in Romania of 2012). Liviu from JESC 2006 (New Star Music), Andrada from JESC 2008 and Bubu from JESC 2003 were all also in this group.

She’s also been on the Romanian version of “Dancing with the Stars” and has worked on Disney movies, dubbing the voice of Pocahontas in Pocahontas and Pocahontas II: Journey to a New World and both speaking and singing voices of Belle in Beauty and the Beast, Beauty and the Beast: The Enchanted Christmas and Belle’s Magical World.

Now, she has just released a new single called “Played You”, kind of a club music style, so check it out, it has 342,767 views in 3 days!

Joni Fuller performing live on BBC Radio

joni fuller 2011

June 23rd 2011 –
Do you remember Joni Fuller, who sang “How Does it Feel” in Hasselt? She was the United Kingdom’s last entrant, and since JESC, has been busy continuing songwriting and singing. Now 19 years old, she describes herself as a “songwriter, multi-instrumentalist and rock violinist”.

She has performed at the Montrose Music Festival, the Bollington Festival, Arundel Festival and several more. In October 2008, Joni’s song ‘America’ was chosen by a panel of judges that included Chris Martin (Coldplay) as a winner in the ‘Make it Break it Songwriting Contest’. Joni’s performance at the awards ceremony caught the attention of LIPA student Harry Andrew Brown which led to Joni recording a 6-track EP (‘Run for Cover’) with Harry. The EP was released at the Montrose Music Festival in May 2009. She won the Make it Break it Songwriting Contest in August 2009 again with her song’Change Girl’. In 2010 Joni was awarded ‘Best Female Artist’ at the Exposure Music Awards and later featured as ‘one to watch’ by PRS for Music in their on-line magazine ‘M’.

This Friday (24th June) you can hear her interviewed live on BBC Radio Lancashire at 3pm. She will also perform on the show. You can listen live by clicking here.

Then on June 30 she will be performing at the Olympic Stadium, Lausanne, Switzerland. Other gigs for 2011:

# 29th Jun – Lausanne Palace, Switzerland
# 30th Jun – Olympic Stadium, Lausanne, Switzerland
# 9th Aug – The Bedford, Balham, London
# 27th Aug – Great British R&B Festival – Colne (British Stage)
# 28th Aug – Arundel Festival
# 25th October – Ronnie’s Bar @ Ronnie Scott’s, London

If you’d like to follow Joni:
(& I do recommend it, her songs “So Much to Tell You” and “Wait Until the Morning Comes” are great!)

Her Youtube – see live perfomances
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Malin releases new album

Malin Reitan5 April 2011

Malin Reitan, who came 3rd in 2005, has grown up a lot since then, and she has released her first more mature sounding album. She filmed a music video for the song “Tenåringsdrøm” which can be seen below. You can preview all the songs on the album at:

Vlad & Mihail form new group

Mihail Puntov1 March 2011 – Russia’s first ever entrant to the Junior Eurovision, Vladislav Krutskikh, and Russia’s 2008 JESC entrant Mihail Puntov have formed a new group, separate to the more childish “Street Magic” group they were in, that is quite well known. They have formed a more mature group consisting of four of the older guys, called “Heroes”. As the former jESC stars are getting older they are aiming to be a hit in the adult music industry finally. They already have a Japanese fansite dedicated to them (

They released a new song “Мое маленькое глупое сердце”, or “My Little Foolish Heart”. The video was filmed in Santa Barbara in Crimea and is about four best friends who question what is more important, their friendship or a fleeting love affair. It took 20 hours to film and the lead singer is Mihail who sounds completely different from 2008. The boyband consists of Misha Puntova, Vlad Krutskikh, Andrew Raspopova and Seva Tarasov.

Their website is: and their video is below:

An article translated into English on the new group is below:

To find the members of the group’s “Heroes” was not satisfied with the castings, auditions and did not carry out their selections. “Heroes” emerged themselves. After all, their history began long before the founding team.

All four participant groups: Misha Punta, Vlad Krutskikh, Andrew Raspopov and Seva Tarasov – in the past, leaders of the hit parade, “Children’s radio, the songs in their performance has grown a whole generation of children. But there came a time when more and more often heard question – Vlad, are you? How you’ve grown!

The group “Street Magic” guys always collected at their concerts sold out, receiving very positive feedback about their skills. But childhood is not eternal, and the day came when the boys grew out of “short pants” their children’s hits. Let songs about Kapitoshka and Piero will remain in his childhood.

What will happen with a new group, which declares itself, storming the charts, appears in the broadcast is? Experience shows that very often young actors can not stand the test suddenly descended upon them with glory. Someone begins to consider himself a demi-god, someone immersed in a world of narcotic dreams, someone wanders from one producer to another in the hope of better conditions … This test is usually waiting for every young artist.

“Heroes”, being a pop star-child, already occupied the top of the charts and tore off a flurry of applause from the huge concert halls and stadiums. Their lives have been and are attributes of artistic craftsmanship: the fans, the increased media attention, tours, hours of rehearsals … Behind – getting the prestigious award in the U.S. «Young Artist Awards» for kids album (in the States it is called the “Children’s Oscars”, at the time it received: Natalie Portman, Daniel Radclif, Michael Jackson), which is awarded for the brightest youth in television and in the cinema. Mischa Punta, Vlad Krutskikh represented Russia at Eurovision “Junior Eurovision Song Contest.”

The question of whether to leave the scene, get some education and live a normal life for them was not – each of them can not imagine my life without music. How could it be otherwise, when six years old each of your day goes in concert or rehearsal hall?

“When the concerts, we began to see not only parents with children, not only students but also young girls and women with burning eyes – we do not even doubt whether it is worthwhile to try to record an album with the guys – say songwriters Natalie and Vitaly Ososhnik – it would have been unthinkable – to send the children to “retire” due to the fact that they grew up. Moreover, we have long prepared material.

Their style has become instantly recognizable – a fusion of several musical styles, sad or ironic, but always philosophical lyrics, catchy melodies and, of course, professionalism and charisma of each participant.

“Heroes” all the time spend on the road or in the studio, so they passed an immersion in the teenage sub-culture. Guys have long felt themselves older and are eager to have their work resonates with not only their old, but new fans.

The debut song of “Heroes” “My little foolish heart” – a lyrical composition that gives hope to all lovers.

“We know all the search engines” – a smile says Vlad Krutskikh, incidentally, is the youngest radio DJ in Russia (he works at the Children’s Radio “). And not just “Yandex” – the guys thousands of fans not only in Russia but also in Spain, Japan, USA, France, Czech Republic, Poland, etc. etc.

“We do not randomly collected artists to translate a foreign or alien to our ideas – reflects Seva Tarasov. – We have long exist as a cohesive team, united among the goals and the same outlook on life. “

“Our songs are very romantic, without depressive tone, they offer hope, as we have said many times our fans. We do not want to hang up labels and refer our creativity to any particular style. We want to take a positive, – smiles Misha Puntov “

“I would not want anyone to copy and repeat, – said Andrey Raspopov. – Especially, do not want to restrict your creativity of some audience – we sing for everyone. Our songs are understandable and close to very different people. “

Video for the song “My little foolish heart” took Ukrainian director Sergei Tkachenko. It revealed the theme of love and friendship, the theme of eternal love triangle and complex life choices … Premiere does not take long.

For the first time in my life “Heroes” starring in explicit scenes in her first video. But how real actors band played all five plus. Mischa Puntov perfectly played romantic lover boy, and Seva Tarasov – crafty friend seducer.

“We stand for something that every element of our creative work – music, lyrics, staging, carried a positive idea and made people think about what’s important for all” – they say “Heroes.”

Kseniya news june 2010

kseniya sitnik 2010

19th June 2010

On May 15th this year Kseniya Sitnik turned 15, and presented her new album ‘Republic of Kseniya’. The album took four years to make and includes 10 tracks plus Non Stop which was released as a music video in 2009. Kseniya expressed how happy she was to release the album and said she hoped it wasn’t her last. She said music takes a big place in her life and that combining her music with school “is difficult, but everything is possible, if you really try.”

According to the songs author Sergei Bilogo, this album is focused more towards teens than children, with love being a prevailing theme.


“All of them carry a part of me, what I’m doing. My mood changes a lot, so each song is different. But my favorite – is probably The Hero of the Novel, music and lyrics penned by Sergei Bily” – Xenia said. She does not like Draw the Boys War as much as the other songs, it is dedicated to the events of the Great Patriotic War. The album title – “The Republic of Kseniya” – very well characterises the Belarusian star.  “Each of us – the personality who lives in his world – real or whether we have created for themselves. I think I live in a world that came up – this is my world, my republic” – explained Kseniya.  She wishes to become a songwriter: she writes good lyrics but writing music has not been so succesful. But now she is working on a detective novel.

ON JESC 2010

Svetlana Statsenko, Kseniya’s mother and artistic director of the National Center for Musical Arts reported that Kseniya had not received invitations to participate in the Junior Eurovision 2010. She thinks Alexei Zhigalkovich (winner of 2007), and Kseniya should be the stars of the 2010 JESC and had this to say about the invitation of Maria Isabel (which has since been refused): “It’s strange – we invite people from other countries, as if we do not have their talented people”


In 2011 Kseniya will turn 16 and be eligible to take part in the adult Eurovision contest. When asked about participating she said – “I do not see the point to go straight away to the adult Eurovision, where everything is very different from the national contest. Of course, in the future I do not exclude such a possibility. But now my primary focus is my education”. She said that she will think about it for the future however. Her mother Svetlana said that when Kseniya is emotionally mature enough for the contest, and her voice is fully developed, she will allow her to enter, providing they can write a good song. She will not allow her to go to Eurovision when she is only 16.

(Source of interview: BelTA)

Malin wins


malin reitan spellemann 2010
7th March 2010

Malin Reitan, who we all remember from her 2005 appearance in Hasselt singing “Summer and School Free”, is, half a decade later, even more popular than ever! The fourteen year old singer last night won an award at Norway’s most prestigious music awards – the “Spellemannprisen”. She won the childrens category for her latest CD. malin reitain 2010Watched by her parents and grandmother, Malin was shocked after the announcement of her win and was quick to thank her family and her record label, along with her two producers. She especially thanked her inspiration, her grandmother, who also enjoys singing country and sixties music.

Malin is the first child to win the Spellemannpris, and with her CDs having sold over 100,000 copies Malin can indeed be proud. Being only 14, she is too young to attend the (equivalent of the Grammys) after party, instead she’ll drive back to her hometown of Trondheim to prepare for a Sunday concert in the Granåsen resort. Celine Helgemo, Malin’s sister Lotte and Lisa Winsjansen Restad will also be performing. The excitement at that concert will be great, with the locals ready to celebrate Malin’s win!

Malin nominated for big award

malin reitan celine26th January 2009

Malin Reitan
, the Norwegian singer earning third place for her country in JESC 2005, has since released four albums, and has appeared on many TV shows and concerts. Her fourth album, released in 2009 and entitled ‘Malin’, has been nominated for a Spellemannprise. The Spellemannprise is an award ceremony which has been running since 1972, designed to recognise Norway’s top musicians. The prizes are divided into 17 genres and 4 additional selections (Singer of the year, newcomer, hit, and best music video (minus Kayne West!)).

All nominees were presented in a press conference at the Hotel Grand in Oslo. The Norwegian press was out in force to report the nominations. Malin has been nominated for the children’s section of this prestigious award. She is up against Gjermund Larsen og Bom Basker and Trond Brænne. Malin is the youngest nominated, and one of two represented by Universal Music. Names such as Alexander Rybak, Donkeyboy and Röyksopp are also up for an award.

norway music awards malin reitan

                                                                                       (announcing the nominees)

Click here to see the full list of nominees.

Good luck and Congratulations Malin!

Malin’s new CD

malin reitan cd24/10/2009 – On November 2nd Malin Reitan will release a new CD! It will be called ‘Malin’ (imaginative no?), and it will feature the following songs:


2.Kan det skje med mæ?
5.Ekte sommer
6.Ferdig med dæ
7.Riktig vei
8.(Det trengs mer enn) tomme ord
9.Pia di
10.Bit for bit
11.Himmel’n e blå (kom igjen)

We will post links to where you can buy it soon.

Malin is 14


malin and celine08/08/09 – Happy Birthday to Malin Reitan, she turns 14 today! Malin represented Norway in Junior Eurovision 2005 and came 3rd, Norway’s best place ever. She went on to release three albums after JESC, and will release another CD in September.



Antonio Jose Album

21/05/09 – Antonio José, the runner up in Junior Eurovision 2005 will release a CD entitled “Todo vuelve a empezar” (Everything begins again). Besides from singing, he is also active in his school soccer team.


antonio jose


 01  Todo vuelve a empezar
02  La chica del parque
03  Vuelve a ni
04  Junto a ti
05  Rock and roll de verano
06  Los amigos
07  Eres un huracan
08  Baila conmigo
09  A ti
10  Centuame


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