Sophie’s Busking Success

sophie debattista

Exciting news for one of our JESC alumni. Sophie Debattista, who sang her self-written song “Extra Cute” for Malta in 2006 (and was extremely underrated I might add!), has been voted one of the top buskers in the world. Yes, I said world.

Now 20 years old, she has been living in London for the past two years and studying at The Institute of Contemporary Music Performance. When she was busking last summer while taking part in the “Mayor of London’s Big Busk”, she was noticed and invited to enter the Toyoya sponsored contest to find the world’s best buskers, with organisors choosing people from over 50 different countries. So far she has made it into the top 50, and if she makes the final 12, she will be flown to New Zealand in June to perform at the Queenstown Winter Festival. The final six will form a new band made up of the ultimate street musicians.
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Maltese jesc people at ESC

sophie debattista eurovision

2sophie debattista3 December 2010

Dani isn’t the only Junior Eurovision 2006 singer to be entering the adult Eurovision for 2011, Maltese representative Sophie Debattista has also entered a song in the Maltese selection, and if things go their way the two singers may re-unite after five years. Other jESC singers entering the Maltese selection are Danica Muscat (who sang Stolen which came 2nd in 2007), Marilena from Young Talent Team (JESC 2004) and Domenique Azzopardi (National finals 2004, 2005, 2006, 2010). Considering Malta’s terrible results in Eurovision lately.. I think it is time they sent some new faces such as these.

Auryn Dani

auryn espanya spain

Dani Fernandez23 December 2010

Remember Dani Fernandez who scored a 4th place for Spain in JESC 2006 with “Te doy mi voz”? He is taking part in the Spanish national selection for the adult Eurovision now as part of a group called ‘Auryn’. The group also includes Blas Cantó from Eurojunior 2004.

Molly Sandén on Dancing with the Stars!


molly sanden let's dance

February 16th 2010

Molly Sandén (3rd place winner in JESC 2006) is taking part in the Swedish version of Dancing with the Stars, ‘Let’s Dance 2010’! Partnered with professional dancer Jonathan Näslund, she has made it to week 7, never having been in the bottom two. Her blog for the show is at

Here are her performances so far:

Week 1: Waltz
“Three Times A Lady” — The Commodores


Week 2: Rumba
“Is It True?” — Yohanna


Week 3: Quickstep
“Fairytale” — Alexander Rybak

Week 4: Paso Doble (voted worst by judges)
“The Only Ones” — Melody Club

Week 5: Cha Cha Cha
“This Is It” — Melba Moore

Week 6: Samba
“Fantasi” — Freestyle

Maltese artists news

Sophie Debattista25/08/2009 – Sophie Debattista (remember, the cute 12 year old who sang “Extra Cute” for Malta in 2006,) presents to you Sophie LIVE! Sophie MaltaShe is now 15 and one of Malta’s top emerging young artists. She has come a long way since JESC and her voice has matured a lot. She is supported by sister Charlotte (a member of jESC 2004’s Young Talent Team), Nicole Schembri, Anthea Zammit and Michela Gatt. Her first single “The Clapping Song” rated extremely well on the charts, and her next single which she wrote herself – “K.I.S.S. (Keep it Simple Stupid) will be released in September. At the moment she is touring the United Kingdom with her dance troupe. She will be performing at the Southern Cross in London to launch the tour, details below –

Daniel Testa


Times: Sep 05, 21:00 – 22:30

Price: £5 on the door

On Sunday Sophie supported Swedish Pop Idol 2008 winner Kevin Borg in concert, along with Daniel Testa, the JESC Maltese representative from 2008. 


To follow Sophie, you can check out her site at

Molly’s new CD

21/05/09 – Molly Sandén is releasing a new CD on the 27th of May. It will be called Samma himmel (Same Heaven), and will feature the following tracklist:


molly s
01. Kärlek

02, Hallelujah

03. Säg Att Det Är Regn

04. Så Vill Stjärnorna

05. Fånga En Sommar

06. Skör Som Glas

07. Det Är Inte Jag

08. Stanna Kvar

09. Lova Mig

10. Samma Himmel

11. Mitt Liv Är Mitt

12. Gabriellas Sång


molly sanden cd


Tolmachevy Twins in Moscow!

11/05 – Joining Alexey in Moscow for the 55th Eurovision Song Contest is the 2006 JESC winners The Tolmachevy Twins. They are seen here with the hosts of the Eurovision – Natalia Vodianova and Andrey Malahov.

esc 09



jesc 06


sophie bday15

 clapping song

20/04 – Sophie Debattista from Malta celebrated her 15th birthday today. Lately she has been very busy. Her new single “The Clapping Song” was released internationally, and already new songs which she herself penned are in the works. Hadd Ghalik presented her with a cake on the show which she performs on weekly, and many radio appearances and concerts have been happening. See these videos:



sophie clapping song

 Signing on to British record label frf Music Ltd
 sophie debattista

 Singing Happy Birthday
 sophie malta

 Clapping Song


The Tolmachevy Twins in ESC

 17/03/2009 – Anastaysia and Maria Tolmachevy (The Tolmachevy Twins) will be appearing on the Eurovision Song Contest 2009 held in Moscow, Russia. The twins won the Junior Eurovision Song Contest in 2006 with their song Vesenniy jazz (Spring Jaz), beating out Andrey Kunets from Belarus by a large margin. Since JESC they have appeared in a Russian movie, and released a CD in 2007 called Polovinki. They have also performed in numerous concerts around Russia, however have not gained much fame outside Eastern Europe.


The twins will perform the opening act for Semi Final 1 to an audience of over 600 million people watching via television and online.

 tolmachevy twins
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