The Netherlands 2003

The Netherlands 2003 – Junior Song Festival

jesc 2003 netherlands finalists

jsf 2003 logo
JSF 2003 took place 20 Sepetember at the Pepsi Stage TheatreI, the same venue the adult Eurovision final was held in. t was hosted by Angela Groothuizen. In the interval act the finalists performed a medley of famous songs. The finalists of Junior Song Festival 2003 were:

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Spain 2003

 Spain 2003 – Eurojunior & info on Sergio

The Spanish national final in 2003 was known as Eurojunior. Each singer/group sang two songs, and the eventual winner was Sergio. The album they recorded the kids in Eurojunior was No. 1 in sales and it went platinum, with more than 100,000 copies sold. A karaoke album/dvd was also released.

Eurojunior took place on September 8, 2003. 13 children were chosen from over 3000 candidates to take part in the festival. The 1st audition stage was on August 15th 2003, where 42 children spent 6 days rehearsing and auditioning and finally 13 of them were chosen. They had the chance to learn choereography and also have fun in the recreation room provided. Six producers -(Carlos Quintero, Mar de Pablo, Alejandro Abad, Joseph Llovel, Alex Soler y Octavi), plus musicians, choreographers, a child monitor in charge of free time, a psychology and a technical and management/production team worked on the project. At stage 1 all child began writing their songs.
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Romania 2003

bubu romania

Andrei Mihai Cernea
was born in Nijmegen, Netherlands, on January 20th, 1994. Both of Bubu™s parents are musicians, and Bubu travelled all around Europe until the age of 3, when his parents once again re-established themselves in their native Romania.
At the tender age of two and a half, Bubu™s parents discovered his astonishing aptitude for playing the drums. At that point, Bubu received a real drum set as a gift, and from there on the progress was exponential, thanks to his own natural talent as well as to the lessons he took from his legendary father, Mihai Cernea, one of the most well-known musicians in Romania. When he was four years old, Bubu began to study playing the piano with his equally well-known mother. His first songs were composed in his father™s professional studio when Bubu was six. Bubu™s first public drumming performance took place on Romanian television™s top rated show œSurprise, Surprise in 1999 with an exceptional drum solo. Ever since then, Bubu has performed all over the country with Romania™s top drummers, and has even been as far as Spain, to appear on TVE, the Spanish National Television!

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Latvia 2003

dzintars cica

Dzintars Čīča won the latvian NF with his band Visbijaœ. Dzintars is from Sabile, a city in western Latvia, and he is a real outdoors guy.
As soon as summer comes, nothing can keep him inside the flat, swimming and running are his hobbies. On his outings into nature, his generous heart takes over “ if he finds abandoned or hurt animals, he won’t leave them to their fate, but takes them home to care for them, something his parents aren™t always too happy about.
Apart from his hobbies, Dzintars of course works on his great talent as a singer and songwriter. The ten-year-old almost always is humming a tune, he writes down his ideas and shares them with the members of his band Visbija. This is also how  the song You are in Summertime, which convinced the Latvians to send him to Copenhagen to the J-ESC, came into being.

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