Klesta for Albania!


Following the success of Mishela Rapo in last year’s Junior Eurovision, Klesta Qehaja will be aiming for the crown come November as she won the Albanian national final for 2016. Praise must be given to Albania as they made a good effort in their national final this year and even had last year’s winner Destiny appearing, singing Dambaje with Mishela.

The kids who were competing were:

Zhaklina Veizaj – “Bote miresie kerkoj”
Dario Zela – “We need love”
Rajan Kukaleshi – “Vetem nuk je”
Jasmina Hako – “Si fluturim”
Michelle Prodani – “Prinder”
Xhesika Pengili – “Largoje trishtimin”
Marko Strazimiri – “Music makes my day”
Vivian Biaxhorni & Xhamerino Bollati – “Ne mes yjesh”
Endi Muça – “Dua te jem”
Klesta Qehaja – “Besoj”
Klea Mema – “Dua te jem e lire”
Eda Muça – “Lulja qe me dhurove”
Dea Çobo – “Mirese erdhe flutur”
Vivian Kokeri – “Portat e gëzimit”

Lucky Klesta won with her song Besoj and this is not her only success, she recently gained 2nd place in Gjeniut të vogël (Little Genius), singing Suus in the final round. Funnily enough, Besoj is very similar to Suus. So expect some powerful vocals from this little nine year old (the youngest kid in JESC since they changed the age rule to 10+!).

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