Meet Malta’s 2016 Finalists

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On July 16th the Maltese national final will be held and as usual, it’s shaping up to be a big affair.

How will it work?

The winner will be selected by 75% jury/25% televoting. During the show, the contenders will perform original songs and covers, but the winning artist will perform a different song at Junior Eurovision.

Meet the singers:


Miguel Bonello – Fifth Element

13 years old. Miguel Bonello is a 13 year old singer from Rabat. Miguel competed in various local festivals and placed mainly firsts and won overall cups. From local festivals (Erseb productions) Miguel was chosen to take part in International Festivals such as ‘Star Rain Festival’ in Prague and ‘Northern Lights’ in Finland. In Finland Miguel won the prestigious award the Grand Prix. He also took part in ‘Una Stella Sta Nascendo’. In April he took part in ‘La Voix Singing Competition – 1st edition’ where he also won the Grand Prix. Miguel also auditioned for a local tv entertainment show where he became one of the finalists. Next month he is going to ‘Riga Symphony’ in Latvia where once again he was chosen by Erseb Productions. Miguel is one of the 20 finalists in the Junior Eurovision Song Contest. All his success is intrinsically bound to his vocal director Ms Gillian Attard and technique teacher Mro. Joseph Chircop.

Kira Copperstone – Listen

11 years old, Kira is an emerging young singer with a versatile strong voice. At this very young age she has participated in various international singing festivals and was nicknamed “the small girl with the big voice”. Her favourite artists are Christina Aguilera, Beyoncé and Jessie J. Kira’s passion for music inspired her to play the violin. She is in Grade 6 and is an avid player. Kira takes music very seriously and looks forward to achieve more in this musical journey. She dreams of making people happy with her music.

Dylan Curmi – See You Again

12 years old, Dylan began attending vocal lessons at the age of 9 years old and in 2014 he joined La Voix Music Academy. Dylan has represented Malta in Romania and Bulgaria. He aspires to become a professional Rap artist. Dylan’s hobbies apart from singing is playing the guitar, jujitsu and gaming.

Francesca Dimech – Dear Future Husband

Francesca has years of experience acting, singing and dancing at Masquerade. She also plays the piano and dances at Kristina’s Dance Project. She loves singing at Thea’s Music Room, with her music teacher Thea Saliba (JESC 2005).  Francesca also participated in local competitions and shows. Her heart is set on SINGING…..always has been.

Layla Compagno – And I am Telling You

13 years old. Layla is a newcomer to the music scene. Singing is her passion and music has always been a strong element in her life. She feels mostly influenced by jazz, soul and pop singers such as Amy Winehouse, Aretha Franklin, Christina Aguilera, Alicia Keys and Whitney Houston, among others. She is a big animal lover and aspires to become either a human rights lawyer, a marine biologist or a performing artist. Her favourite subject at school is science and is keen to start learning how to use recording studio software this summer!

Fusion – In Love With a Monster

A fusion of voices, a group of friends embraced together in music and dance. Members: Demi Galea (13), Kylie Meilak (12), Martina Micallef (13), Kayley Cuschieri (13), Nicole Frendo (13).

Francesca Grima – Titanium

Krista Hili – Glitter & Gold

Rachel Lowell – I Surrender

13 years old, Rachel Lowell started taking Musical Theatre Classes at the age of four; however these last four years she started taking individual Vocal Coaching at the La Voix Music Academy and more recently M.I.S.O.P.A. Rachel is a versatile singer where she sing many genres of songs from Classic to Pop. Rachel has participated in many Local and foreign Festivals such as Britian`s Got Talent, the Italian TV Program Una Stella Sta Nascendo where she came 1st in her category and recently Grand Prix Winner in the Baltic Voice International Festival in Lithuania. Rachel motto is “In life you have to believe in yourself. Persistence is the key to success”

Kaylie Magri – When we Were Young

14 years old. She studies at The Vocal Lodge.

Christina Magrin – No More Tears

Studies at The Voice Lab Malta. She has sung Suus on The Next Star in Romania and on San Remo Junior Malta. She has been in many festivals and even has professional sponsors. See full bio here:

Eila Mangion – Listen

10 years old. Eila is an emerging young singer who manages to conquer any audience with her strong soulful voice full of character in no time!Her determination to succeed makes Eila one of Malta’s most promising female artists.

Cledia Micallef – Bring Him Home

13 years old. Cledia Micallef was born on the 13th March 2003. Three years ago she started vocal lessons and two years ago Cledia joined La Voix Music Academy under the direction of Gillian Attard. She took part in various local Festival, to mention a few “Kalamita, Sanremo Junior and The Entertainers”. Cledia also participated in various Foreign festivals such as Music For Kids in Romania, Tra Songo e Realta and Accademia il Talento in Italy. She had also the opportunity to sing with the Tenor Aldo Busuttil. Apart from singing Cledia loves to play piano, dancing and reading. In the future she wants to become a Music & German teacher.

Alexia Micallef – The Silence

A young talented teenager, who started at Artemocion studio at a very tender age. From the beginning, she showed great potential, in whatever lessons she took. Achieved great results in the English Drama Lessons and had overseas experience, which gave her the boost to continue in this line. Alexia, is a Raffaella Carra, younger Maltese version, she sings, she dance and she acts, and do all these with great ability.

Luana Mifsud – Wrecking Ball

13 years old, Luana from Zurrieq has been taking singing lessons since she was 10. Her passion is taking part in singing festivals, school musicals, writing poetry and drama. She is working hard to give a great performance in the JESC 2016. She is a joyful person and loves being with family and friends.

Veronica Rotin – I Will Always Love You

12 years old, Veronica Rotin started taking professional lessons at the age of 8 at La Voix Music Academy but has always had the passion for music since the age of 3. Veronica took part in various international festivals and has always impressed the judges and audience. Her first great experience was when she auditioned for the popular Italian show, Io Canto on Canale 5 and made it to the finals.Veronica’s goal in life is to succeed in the music industry and to always put a smile on a person’s face with her beautiful god gifted talent.

Justine Shorfid – I’s Rather Go Blind

13 years old, She has been taking professional lessons at La Voix Music Academy for the last couple of months. She enjoys taking part in School activity’s especially in the “Talent night” (a musical show). As music is a passion for Justine, she’s so excited for this upcoming project (JESC 2k16) she has worked so hard but the important thing for her is to do a great performance & to see everyone enjoying it.

Lisa-Marie Tabone – At Last

13 years old, Music is Lisa’s passion. She’s always liked singing. She started vocal training at La Voix Music Academy 4 years ago. She is a contralto. She mostly sings soul and opera. She loves animals and school. Her favorite subjects at school are science and english. When she grows up she wants to be a veterinary and a professional singer.

Mariah-Nicola Vella – All I Ask You

Chanelle Zarb – Hollow

13 years old, Chanelle Zarb Has been singing for 3 years. Music is a major part of her life. Inspirational singers Beyonce, Jessie J, Tory Kelly & Whitney Houston. She’s an A student and she is studying to become a doctor. Favourite subjects are English and physics.

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