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27November Rachel for the Netherlands
zondag 27 november 2011 12:40

The Netherlands, the triumph of 2011, the country where the best song most definitely won. Am I making my favourite too obvious? Allow me to continue and say Noah was robbed of a spot in the final. ;) So AVRO sorted the finalists into two semis:

Yassir - Beautiful 2nd
Rachel - Ik ben een Teenager 1st
Polle - Music in my heart 3rd
Sera - Never give up 4th

Joel - Ik denk aan jou 1st
Nikki, June & Merijn (JuNme) - Magie 4th
Noah - Twitterqueen 3rd
Lidewei - Dit is wat ik wil 2nd

Online voting gave Sera the wildcard, so she joined Rachel, Yassir, Joel & Lidewei in the final. In the final, Rachel got maximum points from the adult jury, kid jury and televoting so was the clear winner with 'Teenager'. Yassir came 2nd.

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27November Lidia for Belarus
zondag 27 november 2011 12:14
lidia13 year old Lidiya Zablotskaya with her two violinists Nastya Maliovanaya and Filip Salata, won the Belarus selection. Yet again, Belarus are sending a ballad. This one is rather more effective though, so will likely do top 5 in Yerevan. On stage Lidiya looks a bit older than 13, but her team plans to change her look for JESC. She came 4th in the 2010 national final of Belarus, with an upbeat song, very different. 
The finalists were:

Dariya Atroshenko - A-a - 8
Alexandra Drozdova - Pesnya Krasnoy shapochki (Red riding hood's song) - 12
Anna Zaitseva - Moim drzuyam (to my friends) - 10
Valeriy Ziborov & Yana Fyodorova - Pesnya dlya dvoih (Song for two) - 8
Lidiya Zamblotskaya - Angely dobra (Angels of good) - 22
Egor Zheshko - Solnechniy ostrov (Fairytale island - 16
Alexey kazmun - Bud' soboy (Be yourself) - 14
Mariya novik - Solnechnaya pesenka (Sunny song) - 16
Veronika Sokolovskaya - Karnaval (Carnival) - 3
Diana Tsekhanovich - Ya risuyu (I'm painting) - 7

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27November Dorijan for Macedonia
zondag 27 november 2011 11:56
dorijan dlaka

Dorijan Dlaka, and his dancer Deyana Poposka won the Macedonian national final. There were only 5 finalists -

Ivana Simoska - Vo srcevo - 10(379)+7=17
Gjorgji Gjorgjiev - Igraj - 5(1)+5=10
Teodora Nastoska - Srekja - 7(134)+8=15
Kjara Golja - Novo chuvstvo - 6(26)+6=12
Dorijan Dlaka - Zhimi ovoj frak - 8(201)+10=18
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27November Paulina for Lithuania
zondag 27 november 2011 11:31

paulina skrabyte

The results of the Lithuanian national final were: (televoting (# of votes), jury - total)

Group „Štai“ (DND) - Geros dienos - 1(157) + 8 = 9
Dominykas Kovaliovas - Kodėl? 0(97) + 3 = 3
Agnė Lukaševičiūtė - Balti sparnai - 10(1421) + 2 = 12
Gabrielė Rybko - Beždžioniukai - 2(140) + 5 = 7
Dorotėja Kravčenkaitė - Aš skrisiu - 3(201) + 0 = 3
Daumantas Bagdonavičius - Namai - 8(1357) + 4 = 12
Paulina Skrabytė - Debesys - 6(311) + 12 = 18
Laura Kastanauskaitė - Mano šokis - 4(242) + 6 = 10
Bernardas Garbačauskas - Namo - 7(899) + 7 = 14
Ieva Binevičiūtė - Pasakyk - 5(298) + 1 = 6
Milita Daikerytė - Degu ritmu - 12(1688) + 10 = 22

Jury: Jonas Vilimas, Asta Einikytė, Eglė Nepaitė, Donatas Montvydas, Artūras Novikas, Edmundas Seilius and Kristina Zmailaitė . Egle and Bartas performed during the show.

Milita won the televoting, and came 2nd behind Paulina in the jury vote. However Lithuania held a "super final", which was decided 100% by a jury. They chose Paulina because they found her more natural and childish, admired her live backing vocals (by group UPS) and they considered Milita's song overproduced. So the fan favourite of the year didn't win. Paulina, 10 years old from Palanga, has a sweet song, with a nice videoclip however, which can be seen below:

27November Erik for Sweden
zondag 27 november 2011 11:12

Sweden has finally aired the 8 songs from their behind-the-scenes preselection, the songs were:

- Oliver - Sommarens Aventyr
- Julie - Lat Drommarna Finnas
- Charlie - Jupiter Till Jorden
- Rebecca Jansson - Du Kommer Angra Dig
- Wiktoria - Jag Behover Dig
- Erik Rapp - Faller
- Isa - Nara Dig

- Omar Rudberg - Inget Val

erik rappOmar was the previous predicted winner, after his cover of Eric Saade's "Popular" showed us what a mini-Eric he is. Rebecca had previously participated in Lilla Melodifestivalen 2009 so is quite well known with many JESC fans that also followed MGP Nordic. Neither of these two made it to the final however, Oliver, Wiktoria, Erik and Isa made the final, where they did a public performance, with the jury choosing the winner (which wasn't announced publicly until later)

The winner was announced to be Erik, with Faller. Erik is 15 from Leksand, so will be one of the oldest competitors in Yerevan. The older entrants do not usually do as well, but Ralf was also not so young looking, so can Erik repeat his success? With a slick act, perhaps, the song is quite modern. The producer of "Faller", Johan Jamtberg, also worked with the Sanden sisters, Molly, Frida & Mimmi, and with Bon-bon from Bulgaria who were in JESC 2007. As backing singers/dancers, Erik will take to Yerevan Max Matulessy Gullstrom, Julia Walensteen, Gustaf Groning, Ola Sjoberg and Agnes Berg.

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