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10October Laura Omloop with 'Meer'
Friday, 10 October 2014 14:22

Do you remember Laura Omloop, the cute yodeling girl who represented Belgium in Junior Eurovision 2009? It's been five years and she's come a long way since her 'Zo Verliefd' days. Now 15 years old and represented by Warner Music Benelux, she has just released a new single called 'Meer'. The song is more mature than her previous singles, she wants to make it clear that she has transitioned from child to teen singer, though she is still not quite an "adult singer". She will release a full album in Belgium and the Netherlands on 14th November, written together with Jeroen Swinnen (Daan, Superdiesel, Novastar, Vive La Fête). It is expected to be entirely sung in Dutch. Jessurun Martin, President Warner Music Benelux says:

"We are very proud of this collaboration. Laura has a beautiful voice, a lot of talent and a seasoned performer to add to our line-up. We want to build a long term career with her, not only in Flanders but also in the Netherlands. This contract with Laura is not a one-time thing, but part of a commitment from Warner Music Benelux. We believe that investing in local talent is the right way for the Flemish music industry to grow".

10October Interview with Ula from Slovenia
Friday, 10 October 2014 03:17

ula lozar

Hi everyone, the very sweet Ula Ložar from Slovenia has given junioreurosong.net an interview. Read on!

Hi Ula, first can you tell a bit about yourself, what are your hobbies?

I am all into music, but I also really like to cook, crochet, draw paintings. In my free time family is really important to me. Me, my sister and mum and dad often go to woods to walk and have some fun time.

It’s pretty exciting to be Slovenia’s first participant! How have people in Slovenia reacted about you being selected, has anyone commented?

Well I got great feedbacks from the minute it was known I would represent Slovenia, but after the song was released it was just unbelievable how people reacted, everybody was so excited and I got so many positive feedbacks, comments for the song and the video and I am really looking forward to be the first Slovenian ever on JESC!

Can you explain your song, what is it about? What do you like best about it?

Empathy, friendship, counting on each other, supporting each other and knowing how we are never really alone. How the word is not always enough and that actions count. I just want them to be overwhelmed with my emotions when I sing to them. The best thing is that I like the song the same as I like the songs on my iphone. Children my age don’t listen to children-alike songs, we mostly have the chart hits on our iphones, like Beyonce, Jessie J,Little Mix, Justin Bieber. One Direction… They have cool songs and nothing childish about them. And I have my song in this company as well.

Since Slovenia is new to JESC, have you ever had a chance to see Junior Eurvision before, did you like any songs from other countries? What about adult Eurovision?

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09October Bulgaria with a strong entry!
Thursday, 09 October 2014 16:21

The Bulgarian song has been released! Krisia, Hasan & Ibrahim sing (and play) 'Planet of the Children'. The song is a powerful ballad that is actually quite catchy. If she sings as well as she usually does, and Bulgaria uses good staging and such, this one is definitely one to watch. They must hope for a late draw however, as one does not want to be followed by another several ballads.

Who is Krisia? Born on 1 June 2004 in Varna, Krisia Marinova Todorova now lives in the town of Razgrad – and has become a very famous young Bulgarian singer. She started studying music when she was six years old in different music schools in Bulgaria, and is currently studying music at the "Centre for work with Children" in Razgrad with vocal teacher Svilena Decheva, where she sings and plays the piano. Hasan and Ibrahim Ignatov will play piano for her at jESC, completing the trio.

06October Nisi sam has been released!
Monday, 06 October 2014 11:17

Slovenia has premiered their song on national television show Nedeljsko popoldne z Ulo. Ula Ložar is the singer, and her song is Nisi sam (Your Light), composed by Ula with the help of producer Raay and Marjetka Vovk. During the show we saw Ula premiere her song, as well as perform the Slovenien Eurovision 2014 song with Tinkara Kovac. When she heard she was chosen to go to JESC, there was a very sweet moment where she started jumping up and down in excitement, which we also saw on the show.

Ula is from Ljubljana, plays piano, and has been studying solo singing since she was seven years old with music teacher Marjetka Vovk. Ula has taken part in many festivals, both in Slovenia and abroad - finishing second in the Slovenian elementary school contest, and fourth in the Europop competition held in Hungary. Next summer she will take part in 'Tra la la' festival in Bitola.

During the short interview on RTVSlo, Ula said that she loves being on stage, that she loves singing ballads. She saw last year's Junior Eurovision, and Gaia was her personal favourite as well. When Ula grows up, she wants to become a successful singer. Her favourite singers are Jessie J, Beyonce, and Little Mix. They have said that they don't want any backing dancers for her, as she is sweet and innocent on her own and they are relying on her voice to blow everyone away.

Watch the song below:

03October Italy has released their song!
Friday, 03 October 2014 13:51

Italy is another country to debut in Junior Eurovision this year and we finally have their song. Vincenzo Cantiello will sing the song 'Tu primo grande amore', which is a traditional Italian ballad about one's first great love in life. This one is a likely contender to take many jury and possibly public votes as it is quite classy. What do you think about it? Tell us here.


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